Regata Odiana (16km) regulation

This regulation respects the National Regatta Regulation and has the following specific rules:

Art.1º - Single Scull Regatta (1x): Male and Female;
Art.2º - Category: Single;
Art.3º - The official distance is 4km;
Art.4º - To have a classification in a category the minimum number of tripulations is 2;
Art.5º - There will be a winner per category (FISA system); The winner will receive a prize; If there is only one rower in a category he/she will row in the closest category; The considered age for a category is the one the rower has on December 31st;
Art.6º - When starting: a rower starting outside his/her category will be disclassified; the rower starting before the signal will have a 1 minute penalty;
Art.7º - GUS (Grupo União Safarense) is the responsible entity for the regatta;
Art.8º - GUS will handle any omitions on this regulation.
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